An update regarding Merlin Blencowe’s Ultra High Gain Preamp PCB

Since the small run I did of these boards ran out I have received a fair few questions asking if/when they would be back in stock.

Originally I didn’t intend to do any more of these boards due to it being Merlin’s own design.

However I reached out to Merlin and he said it was ok for me to continue selling them and that it was also how he got started.

So within the next month there will be a restock of these boards as well as a few other of his designs as I find them both fascinating and a bit of a departure from the status quo.

Out of respect and gratitude to Merlin I will be donating a portion from every sale of the designs back to Merlin.

Also everyone should go and buy his books they are an exceptional resource for anyone interested in the world of amp building.

Merlin Blencowe – Books and Publications Spotlight | Lulu

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