Aurora Audio/DIYfever Mach2 Pre+ Available Today!

As announced in a previous post I have worked on a new Aurora Audio PCB based on Bancika from DIYfevers excellent MKIIC+ layout.

The boards were tested and adjustments made over the last few weeks and now the new batch is here and will be available at 4:30PM today.

Also coming with these boards the always popular Goliath Preamp PCB will be available once again as well as a small auxiliary relay PCB that can be used to add channel, feature & function switching on any of your builds.

Aurora Audio/Diyfever Mach2 Pre+ based on the legendary MKIIC+
Aurora Relay PCB
Auxiliary Relay PCB’s for adding switchable features to your builds.

An old board has also been updated with a new colour option. The LND150 effects loop is now available in red to match with the Goliath PCB.

Aurora Audio LND150 Effects Loop PCB

That is all for now but there is something else exciting coming up over the next month so keep an eye on this blog.

Here’s a little tease

Raijin Teaser

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