Aurora Audio Preamp PCB Soundclips And An Exciting DIYfever Collaboration!

I’ve had a fair few questions about how each of the Aurora Audio preamps sound. If you’ve been looking around the store you will have noticed clips popping up on some of the PCB pages.

Here’s all of them in one place. I will be adding clips for the Saturn Amp set as well as the Mach2 Preamp at the end of this post as I have time.

For consistency I have used an excellent DI track from Numbskull Audio and the same York Audio DV77 IR on each track.

Firstly we have the Goliath Preamp. This circuit is one that is very divisive you may even say it makes some people a bit Kranky!

Aurora Audio Goliath Preamp Demo

And then we have the Jupiter Preamp which is my take on the Soldano lead channel that everyone loves but with an added 5 band graphic EQ for extra versatility

Aurora Audio Jupiter Preamp Demo

And last but not least we have Merlin Blencowes fantastic Ultra High Gain Preamp design.

Merlin Blencowes Ultra High Gain Preamp Demo

And to round this post out I would like to announce a small collaboration with Bane from DIYfever. I built his Mesa mkIIC+ preamp design a couple of years back and loved it. I have since had people ask me to build one for them so I reached out to Bane to ask if it was ok and he said to go for it and keep him posted. So here is the progress so far.

Aurora/DIYfever Mach2 Preamp Mockup

It follows Banes original design with the goal of offering flexibility where it counts. The cap footprints can accept a wide range of different caps and it has multiple valve heater options. Depending how you populate the board you can have AC Elevated or DC. Due to this there are not heater traces on the board. This will enable the user to choose as appropriate.

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