Aurora Audio Recording Preamp Build Log – Recording Made Simple!

The Aurora Audio Recording Preamp is something that I have been working on for quite sometime now. It started as I moved away from Amp heads and started downsizing my rig.

I had input from the Metal Musicians community on what they thought would be handy features. My goal was to both downsize my rig from the SLOclone and also have a solid recording tone without having to use plugins whilst also having an amp rig.

So feature wise it has:

  • Single channel inspired by the Soldano SLO
  • Transformer Isolated Dry Output with Phase switch to capture the guitar DI for reamping
  • Lossless LND150 based Effects loop to integrate with my GSP1101 for versatility
  • Built in overdrive circuit based on the Paul C Timmy
  • Built in 5 band GEQ based on the MKIIC+ for tone shaping

Overall I would say it was a complete success. I can no grab DI tracks and the tone from the preamp at the same time completely avoiding using Vst plugins so I spend more time recording rather than trying to not sound like crap and it also sounds incredible through the rack.

I’ve chose a few pictures that I also used for the build guide for the PCB set that i made to do this that is up for sale.

A set of 3 PCBs to build this preamp are available in the store.

And here is a quick clip. More to come

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