Aurora Guitar Power Amp PCB Now Available!

This one took a little bit longer than I was hoping to get tested but the Aurora Power amp DIY PCB is now available to purchase. Quantities are limited as this is just left over stock from the prototyping but more will be coming soon.

This board can be used to build a push pull guitar power amp ranging from 2-100w.

Initially schematics will be supplied for a 20w 6v6 design with a parallel 12au7 input stage but overtime I will add more as it’s just scaling certain part values and transformers to increase the wattage.

I’ve attached an example layout including tone shaping mods for increasing the attack of the presence control and feel of the low end response from the depth control.

A headroom control can also be added with ease which will be included in the final documentation.

Please note that there is a minor silkscreen error around V1 but the layout and schematic show the correct connections.

6v6 Power amp Layout
Aurora Audio 6v6 Push Pull Power Amp DIY PCB Layout
Aurora Audio 20w 6V6/6P6S Power Amp PCB
Aurora Audio 20w Push Pull Power amp PCB

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