Aurora Jupiter Guitar Preamp Build Log: Part IV

This instalment of the Aurora Jupiter preamp is a little less exciting than I planned as there isn’t really much new to see as the GEQ daughterboard covers up the focal point and the boost board I etched myself to try out the circuit.

Almost finished preamp

Onto the boost. This is a slightly modded zw44 to have a bit higher output level. I still need to adjust this a bit more as it is lower than I would like.

I will also be changing the clipping to be part silicone part led as I find that to work better personally.

Still to wire in the DI output section as I like to test between installing each part. Once that is done I will be tidying the wiring up and sending it off to Numbskull audio for review and some high quality demos.

On a final note I am very much undecided on which knobs to use. Typically I go with the Davies style but they look a little cheap with the brushed aluminum chassis. Let me know which you prefer in the comments if you read this.

Davies style knobs
Cliff aluminum knobs


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