DIY 12AX7 to 6N2P-EV converter

For the last 12 months or so I have moved to using russian 6n2p-ev valves due to stock issues and price hikes.

To use these valves in normal amps you either have to rewire the filament/heater supply or as I have done here make some converters.

It’s an extremely easy project that will only take 5 minutes or so of your time.

Start with a valve/tube socket saver.

Remove the screw and separate the two halves. After this heat pin 5 and remove it. It should just fall away as you melt the solder.

Reroute the heater wiring

Create a loop using some wire around pin 9 to hold the wire in place whilst soldering the other end to the stub of pin 5 that is left after removing the long pin..

After this solder the wire to pin 9 also and trim off any excess wire.

You can then reassemble the socket saver.

Project complete

You can now plug the socket saver into your amp and easily use a cheaper & quieter 12AX7 variant.

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