International shipping resumed. Updated 05/04/2023. Mostly back to normal.

Update 05/04/2023

It seems that international shipping is now running smoothly with the only issue being tracking information being slow to update. It is recommended to check the tracking with the provider in your country. USPS, Canda post etc as that is updating normally.

Thankyou for your patience throughout this.

Update 15/02/2023

Unfortunately a lot of packages are stuck in a backlog at the sorting and export centres. I have tried chasing these up to just be told that there is nothing that can be done and they are working to get through them as fast as possible.

So for all international customers you may wish to wait to order until further notice.

This has also affected stock levels as things coming into the country are also being delayed when handed off to Royal Mail so stock is unfortunately low.

Update 26/01/2023

International parcels can now be sent again but with minor delays and less tracking updates.

Thankyou for your patience throughout this.

Update 18/01/2023

We have decided that in order to enable people to take advantage of the current 10% discount on preamp PCB we are re-enabling international orders.

However these will not be shipped until the current issues with Royal Mail are resolved. It is looking like this shouldn’t be too long as they have just restarted shipping international letters so hopefully small parcels should be a week or so at the most.

International incidents update (

Original Post

Due to an ongoing cyber incident with Royal Mail we currently cannot ship items outside of the UK.

All parcels posted since last week are stuck in a backlog and should hopefully be with people shortly.

Sorry about this. For more information see the link below.

International incidents update (

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