A peek at new PCBs from Aurora-Audio in 2022

At Aurora Audio we have many new DIY Project PCBs coming in 2022. Here is a preview of what is currently being tested and will be available over the coming months.

Push pull mono valve /tube guitar power amp.

We designed this board to build a power amp at 20w using 2x6v6 but it is flexible enough to do lower or higher wattages with minimal changes.

More info will be available soon.

Aurora Audio Push Pull Poweramp PCB

Rock Machine

This one was a special request. From a friend that wanted to build an amp that had classic tone but without the ear splitting volume that usually comes with it.

The Rockmachine is based upon the JCM800 but scaled back for 18w of power from a pair of EL84s. This board is currently being tested and more details will be posted over the coming weeks.

Aurora Audio Rockmachine
Aurora Audio Rock Machine. Inspired by the legendary JCM800

LND150 Effects Loop.

This is an active effects loop powered using the amplifiers B+ supply. Optimal voltage range is ~200v-350vDC. Trim pots are on the board for fine tuning the send and return levels but the pads can easily be wired to external panel mounted pots for easier adjustment.

Aurora Audio LND150 Effects Loop PCB
Aurora Audio LND150 Effects Loop.

That is all for now but keep checking back for updates. These boards and more will be available before summer.

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