New Aurora PCB’s, A name change and a sale!

First of all the name and URL of this site will be changing slightly to Aurora Amps in the coming weeks. The new URL will be confirmed soon.

Otherwise it has been a busy start to the year at Aurora. Countless hours have been put into designing, tweaking and testing new and revised designs.

In a couple of weeks the following new boards will be available alongside build logs and demos.

Until the new boards arrive the existing High Gain Preamp, Preamp Set & Focal Point PCBs will be on sale.

Goliath Preamp

First up we have the Goliath Preamp. The Goliath delivers a monstrous tone. Ultra tight, saturated and in your fac!

The circuit is inspired by the Duncan Hill’s Coffee Jingle.

Aurora Goliath Preamp Preview
Goliath Preamp PCB Preview.

Jupiter Preamp

The Jupiter Preamp is a revision of the High Gain Single Channel Preamp PCB. If you want 80s rock this preamp will deliver in spades but can also do modern tones with ease. Based on one of the forefathers of high gain amplifiers.

Jupiter Preamp PCB Preview.
Jupiter Preamp PCB Preview.

Saturn 2 Channel Amplifier

The Saturn was a design completed for a friend. This is a limited run set and will only be available until the run of 10 sets is gone.

A dual channel full amplifier version of the Jupiter with relay switching, multiple electrolytic footprints for the option of radial or axial capacitors in the preamp and the film cap spacing is wide enough to fit the majority of caps giving a lot of choice and flexibility.

Saturn 2 Channel Amplifier Preview
Saturn 2 Channel Amplifier Preview

Girth Control Boost Pedal

Another board made on request. Is your tone soft, tubby and limp?

If so this is the one for you. With a single knob, it will trim away all the flub and give you a strong tone – FULL OF GIRTH.

Girth Control Pedal PCB Preview
Girth Control Pedal PCB Preview

Focal Point 5 Band Graphic Equalizer

This one is a revision of the existing Focal Point PCB.

With revised footprints and additional ground pads near the input and output for use with shielded cable. This will help you to fine tune your tone to achieve clarity, tightness or even create filtered sounds as required.

Focal Point 1.5 Preview
Focal Point 1.5 Preview

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