New boards in and ready for testing!

Well new to everyone other than myself. I’ve had these a little while now but have been very busy with prototyping and tweaking the Osiris Preamp that will be unveiled soon.

First up there is a simple IRF output buffer for preamps. This is mostly to enhance boards that don’t have a cathode follower and take the output directly from the tone stack. This will give a more optimal signal level that will play nicer with recording interfaces.

IRF840 Preamp Output Buffer

The next two have been highly requested and should need no hints beyond the images as to what they take inspiration from.

First up we have the Delirium that could make some users squeal (with delight hopefully)

Delirium Preamp

And finally the MTL. This one is the lead channel only simply because that’s what I was asked for.

MTL Lead Channel Preamp

The preamp buffer is already available and the two preamps should be tested over the next couple of weeks. Both of these boards will be enhanced with the preamp buffer. Watch this space for more updates.

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