New PCBs available in the store

Just a quick update following on from the Jupiter preamp build logs.

The Jupiter Preamp PCB is now available to purchase this is based on the lead channel of the legendary SLO and demos will be following shortly.

Temp Jupiter Picture
Jupiter Preamp PCB

This Saturn PCB Set is to build a 2ch full amp version of the above. This one is a limited time item and has had the channel switching of the original SLO changed to more easily attainable 5v relays.

Aurora Saturn PCB Set
Saturn Amplifier PCB Set

And finally to round it out we have a new revision of the focal point GEQ with no errors this time! and a white version of the LND150 effects loop with the only changes being the colour and the B+ supply pads have been respaced so a pcb mount screw terminal can be used if desired.

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