Coming soon. SMPS for preamps & New Aurora PCB

Just a brief update on a few store additions.

First up we have a new Aurora PCB. This one is probably not going to stick around for long due to the nature of it.

It is based on Merlin Blencowe’s Ultra High Gain Preamp from his Designing Tube Preamps for Guitar and Bass Book. It is an original design (which is why these boards are limited to the excess from the order for my personal build) with a switchable boost and noisegate. It is high gain, bright and very tight.

This board only requires two 12ax7 and can be built into an existing amp by just wiring the volume output to the PI input.

Merlin Blencowe’s Ultra High Gain Preamp

And next up we have a slightly revised Aurora 20w 6v6 push pull power amp board. This one is mostly the same but with the removal of the capacitive coupled bias supply and corrections to the silkscreen.

Aurora 20w Push Pull 6v6 Power Amp PCB v1.1

And finally we have some small SMPS for the 9v supply needed for some of the preamp projects. These are ultra low noise and should make transformer selection far easier as more off the shelf units can be used.

In the Aurora projects such as the Recording Preamp a 9v supply is required for the DI Out & 5 Band Focal Point GEQ PCB’s.

9v Switch Mode Power Supply for Aurora PCB Projects

These will be added to the store over the coming weeks as documentation is prepared.

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