Osiris Preamp Build Log: Part I: Overview

The chassis is finally in so here we go with the Osiris Preamp Build

This is something I will most likely only be doing as fully built preamps or full preamp kits but that could change.

First off a brief overview of the design,

  • It has two channels each with a dedicated LND150 v2 effects loop
  • Gate and bright switch for each channel
  • Independent tonestacks for each channel.
  • Ch1 goes from clean to 80s high gain using just the gain control. First half of the rotation is clean to breakup and the second half is high gain.
  • ch2 is a more aggressive, modernised take on the Soldano sound.

This is the front & rear panels once again custom made to my specification by Yongu Enclosures

Aurora Audio Osiris 2ch HGP Panel

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