Preview: Aurora 5120 DIY Preamp & Amp PCB’Coming Soon!

The Aurora 5120 began as a request for a OG Peavey 5150 single channel preamp board. However I knew that a lot of guys on the Metal Musicians forum loved the 5150 so thought I would go there for feedback and input.

This slowly grew into redesigning the board and combining it with my 20w 6V6 push pull power amp to create a low power 5150 amp that doesn’t sound thin and small like the MH models.

In doing this I added the BITE & Feel switches also enabling the user to shape the feel & attack of the Presence and Depth controls from vintage Marshall to ultra-modern. This should lead to a very flexible amp.

I will be testing both boards over the coming weeks and launching them shortly after. The 5120 amp PCB can fit nicely into the smallbox chassis from Modulus Amplification.

Here is a preview of the boards. The preamp uses a mosfet in the output section enabling two output jacks. One coming straight from the tone stack and the other from the mosfet source follower for a buffered output.

Aurora 5120 Preamp PCB
5120 Single channel preamp PCB
Aurora 5120 20w 6V6 DIY Amplifier PCB
5120. 20w 6V6 single channel amplifier PCB

The full amp version of the board is also flexible enough to scale the power from 2-100w just by changing a few component values and using different transformers.

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