Raijin Preamp PCB now available.

Thing’s have been quiet for a while on the new board front but i’m finally catching up.

This is the PCB is the one used in the upcoming Raijin preamp. It is similar to the Mach2pre+ but designed for a 1U rackmount chassis with a few quality of life adjustments. The features are listed below.

  • 2CH preamp based on the legendary IIC+ as used by James Hetfield & John Petrucci.
  • Independent input gain controls so each channel can be dialled in optimally without compromising the other
  • Optional Deep, bright & EQ Shift options
  • DC Elevated heaters
  • Relay switching
  • Multi cap footprints to give  a wide choice of capacitors

This board pairs up extremely well with the Aurora Audio Focal Point GEQ PCB for a more complete IIC+ experience.

Stock is currently low on the focal point PCB but these are in the process of being redesigned specifically for this board and to make pedal builds a bit easier. The newer boards should be available at the end of July

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