20w 6V6/6P6S Guitar Power Amp PCB


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Designed for the modern musician this power amp has 20w output power using either 6V6 or Russian 6P6S valves.

This power amp will deliver enough volume to fill most venues but not be overkill and has tonal shaping features for the high and low end response.

With optional Bite & Feel toggles you can shape the response and aggression of the power amp to suit any preamp for any style of music.

A Headroom control can also be added to reduce the overall headroom at the phase invertor to gain power amp compression at lower volume levels.

The above controls are detailed in the schematic & layout.

Ideal for use with valve preamps, pedals & modelers.

A schematic, Layout & Bill of Materials will be emailed after purchase.

Please note this PCB is not for inexperienced users. You are working with high voltages that are potentially fatal.

Weight 0.442 g
Dimensions 17.8 × 6.4 × 0.16 cm


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