Merlin Blencowes Ultra High Gain Valve Preamp


Aurora Audio PCB design for Merlin Blencowes Ultra High Gain Preamp.

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After discussion with Merlin Blencowe these boards have been restocked! The only change from the original boards is the mid pot wiring has been corrected and the silkscreen adjusted slightly.

This is a fairly unique take on a high gain preamp with a built in switchable gain boost & noise gate. It can do any kind of hard rock and metal tones with ease.

It is also capable of clean sounds by rolling the gain down to 0 and disabling the gain boost.

It is highly recommended to run at least V1 on DC heaters due to the amount of gain this preamp can deliver.

Please note there is a silkscreen error on the v1 valve wiring follow the layout/schematic for correct connections.

Below is a reamp of the preamp direct into a tascam US4x4 with a York Audio DV77 Impulse response.

DI tracks and backing courtesy of Numbskull Audio.

Please note this PCB is not for inexperienced users. You are working with high voltages that are potentially fatal.

Weight 0.442 g
Dimensions 22.7 × 5.1 × 0.16 cm


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